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Dreamweaver SFTP error – New SSH host key fix


I use Dreamweaver (CS4) to maintain my personal homepage and synchronize my files to my department’s webserver over SFTP (FTP over SSH that is).  A few months ago, our server got updated and Dreamweaver could no longer connect via SFTP.  I was getting the following error:

An FTP error occured – cannot make connection to host.

I figured it that perhaps SFTP wasn’t running on the server or maybe the port had changed.  But a quick check through the sftp command line confirmed that indeed the process was still working.

It turns out that server reset had created a new SSH host key and the local fingerprint stored by Dreamweaver was not updated.  It’s strange because most other applications will inform you of the new host key and prompt you to overwrite the old fingerprint.  For Dreamweaver, you have to manually delete the ssh_hosts file in

~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS4/en_US/Configuration

or at least delete the row corresponding to the server in question.

I also read this blog post that claims older versions of Dreamweaver had this support, but it was taken out for some mysterious reason.

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  1. Thanks a ton for this post, fixed a mysterious issue we were having. Here’s hoping future versions of Dreamweaver fix this!

  2. Thanks for posting this. Big help!

  3. Thx. Fantastic!!! Its works!!!

  4. I had to turn on hidden folder/files to see /Users/ . . .

  5. Running CS5 and just ran into this EXACT same issue, really wish I would’ve stumbled across this an hour before wasting my time checking my server sshd_config flie. Seems a $400 program should be smart enough to check for this sort of thing on its own. Thanks for the fix.

  6. I just stumbled on this same problem tonight. I couldn’t locate the ssh file to delete. If you can’t either, try this: I had the host set up to the ip, and then instead changed the host to the domain ( and it finally connected. Phew!

    I’m assuming the site was moved over to another server, and the DW cache was playing games with me, and as a result, I was unable to connect. Obviously it was an issue with DW since I connected fine with Filezilla. If you’re getting this error, give the domain trick a shot. Hope it works for you too! :)

    ps. I agree with Ryan. You’d think DW would automatically check for this sort of thing on its own.

  7. Here it is a couple of years later. I still use CS5.5 and suddenly couldn’t connect. I tried using the IP instead of the domain, but that didn’t work. I was informed that there was a server upgrade and a new certificate, but, of course, there’s nothing in Dreamweaver’s interface to address certificates. Deleting the ssh file did the trick.

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